Aims & Objectives

  1. To promote education, health and  social welfare activities
  2. To promote Science, Social Science and technology amongst people of all age groups.
  3. To impart knowledge in various fields of science, Social Science, technology and related areas.
  4. To inspire and encourage younger generation to discover their talents in various fields of science and technology and help them to excel.
  5. To aid, establish or collaborate with any educational institution,   society, association, academy, corporate body or any individual for  the promotion of  science and technology.
  6. To impart, teach and set up and provide facilities for learning in various fields of science, Social Science and technology.
  7. To undertake studies, survey and research work and prepare reports of its own or on behalf of any other institution or organization.
  8. To grant scholarships, stipend, assistance or burseries to deserving and needy students and other persons for pursuing science and technology.
  9. To organize lectures, seminars, study tours etc. for the promotion of science, Social Science and technology at grassroots and higher levels.


Ancillary Objectives

  1. To receive grants, funds, donations or any other financial support for the promotion of above mentioned objectives.
  2. Foster links between NGOs and social movements to review their

Strategies and programs on Science, Social Science and Technology and sustainable development.