About Journal (JIBES)

Journal of Innovative Biology and Environmental Sciences (JIBES) is an International open access peer-reviewed journal, established for publishing original review articles, research papers, short communications and commentaries stemming from academic or industrial research. Journal emphasis is primarily embedded in publishing free access quality papers and their rapidly availability to researchers worldwide. There is no page or figures/images limitation. The sole criterion for acceptance is multi-disciplinary scientific excellence and originality. JIBES is a biannual publication and an official journal of the Society for Promotion of Science and Technology (SPST). The copyright of papers accepted for publication belongs to JIBES. All contributions are subject to editorial revision. Editor’s decision will be conclusive and absolute.

JIBES is published in Lahore, Punjab Pakistan under the umbrella of SPST
Office Address: c/o Chief Editor JIBES. 281-B-II, Johar Town Lahore, Punjab Pakistan.

Who should submit Manuscripts?
Local and International authors
• Authors who wish to publish their original work
• Authors who want swift publication after quality peer reviewing process
• Authors who want their publications to receive global distribution and citations
• Authors who want or need their articles to be published in open access journals due to University or Government mandates